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I'm always striving for ways to improve pezpax, especially with so many dispensers to see. This page shows elements I am experimenting with to make the site more informative and fun.



You may notice the photos look different than the current galleries. That's because these are from my older site, for the sake of displaying this concept page. I kind of miss these old photos, actually!


Please let me know what you think, particularly if you have any ideas or suggestions for making these pages more enjoyable.


Look for the new updates and posted galleries throughout 2013.


- Greg

Classic & Recent Cartoons

The PEZ that started it all! Well, the ones that started me collecting, anyway. Many of these beloved character dispensers actually date back to the late 1980s and early 1990s. Click the colored rectangles above for Quick Facts about some of my personal favorites.

Feature Animated Films

Disney/Pixar has its own page. What I've listed here are other major animated releases, listed in the order of the theatrical release dates.


Some of these sets represent more than one release, i.e., sequels, with additional characters being added later, or earlier characters re-released with a variation. These sets also represent a mix of European and U.S. releases.

Looney Tunes

Everyone's favorite classic animated characters. My collection represents a mix of both vintage and non-vintage, as well as European and U.S. Releases. Like so many PEZ licensed characters, you can see a progression that also represents the evolution of the animation through the decades.

Click for more Looney Toons Fun:

The total number MGM characters that were produced is shown here. Notice a number of earlier pieces had small plastic parts, while the later releases are painted or decals. There are actually quite a few variations of characters out there, making for a potential MGM collection much larger than what I have.


Some vintage MGM can be found as well (pre-1987) though mine are all non-vintage, including a few thin-footed pieces. Scroll over the Fun Facts Buttons to test your knowledge of these classic animated characters.



MGM Characters


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